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  • My second home

  • Postat lördag 20 december 2014 Kl. 18:36
  • Going back to my second home – Gothenburg – to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve!


    Earrings from Sif Jakobs!

  • LOVE ring from Cartier

  • Postat lördag 8 november 2014 Kl. 19:09
  • I’m turning 24 today! I got the LOVE ring from Cartier in birthday present! So happy!!!

    JennyFjellsethCartier-4051 FAF


    JennyFjellsethCartier-3842 FAF

  • Happy girl

  • Postat lördag 8 november 2014 Kl. 8:08
  • Happy girl!!!


  • Beautiful motivation

  • Postat måndag 3 november 2014 Kl. 17:08
  • Got these beautiful roses yesterday as motivation! Love them!


  • Pool

  • Postat onsdag 30 juli 2014 Kl. 14:05
  • Spending the day at the pool today! Fabulous weather!


  • West coast

  • Postat måndag 28 juli 2014 Kl. 15:07
  • Taking the boat to Käringön on the Swedish west coast! Having a blast!

    IMG_6451IMG_6360IMG_6446 IMG_6373 IMG_6477 IMG_6565

  • Winner of the Longines Falsterbo Grand Prix

  • Postat söndag 13 juli 2014 Kl. 17:29
  • Alexander Zetterman is the winner of Longines Falsterbo Grand Prix!!! He’s receiving a standing ovation from the home crowd in Falsterbo as he and his horse Cafino took the prestigious and traditional Grand Prix home to Sweden for a second year in a row. Falsterbo Horse Show 2014 couldn’t have had a better finale!

    Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-2038Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-2052Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-2125Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-2191

  • Longines Falsterbo Grand Prix

  • Postat söndag 13 juli 2014 Kl. 16:18
  • Longines Falsterbo Grand Prix – here we go! So excited!!!

    Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-1499Falsterbo Hoppning - Canon 630p-2259 Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-1595 Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-1615 Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-1622Falsterbo Hoppning - Canon 630p-2525 Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-1721Falsterbo Hoppning - Canon 630p-2775Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-1786 Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-1737Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-1998Falsterbo Hoppning - Canon 630p-2873Falsterbo Hoppning - Canon 630p-2876Falsterbo Hoppning - Canon 630p-2903Falsterbo Hoppning - Canon 630p-2906

    Congratulations to Patrik Kittel and Deja who took their second victory in Falsterbo! On second place came Danish Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein with Digby. Third place went to Patrick van der Meer, Netherlands with his gelding Zippo.

    Falsterbo Dressyr-1366Falsterbo Dressyr-1371 Falsterbo Dressyr-1415 Falsterbo Dressyr-1418 Falsterbo Dressyr-1426 Falsterbo Dressyr-1427

  • WDM Exquis Grand Prix Kür

  • Postat söndag 13 juli 2014 Kl. 13:29
  • Watching the World Dressage Masters Grand Prix CDI5* Kür at Falsterbo Horse Show!

    Falsterbo Dressyr-0965 Falsterbo Dressyr-0966 Falsterbo Dressyr-0982 Falsterbo Dressyr-0989 Falsterbo Dressyr-0996 Falsterbo Dressyr-1023 Falsterbo Dressyr-1058 Falsterbo Dressyr-1062 Falsterbo Dressyr-1100 Falsterbo Dressyr-1110 Falsterbo Dressyr-1115 Falsterbo Dressyr-1122 Falsterbo Dressyr-1124 Falsterbo Dressyr-1143 Falsterbo Dressyr-1144 Falsterbo Dressyr-1146 Falsterbo Dressyr-1156 Falsterbo Dressyr-1164 Falsterbo Dressyr-1177 Falsterbo Dressyr-1179 Falsterbo Dressyr-1180 Falsterbo Dressyr-1187 Falsterbo Dressyr-1188 Falsterbo Dressyr-1191 Falsterbo Dressyr-1198 Falsterbo Dressyr-1220 Falsterbo Dressyr-1225 Falsterbo Dressyr-1251 Falsterbo Dressyr-1258