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  • Winner of the Longines Falsterbo Grand Prix

  • Postat söndag 13 juli 2014 Kl. 17:29
  • Alexander Zetterman is the winner of Longines Falsterbo Grand Prix!!! He’s receiving a standing ovation from the home crowd in Falsterbo as he and his horse Cafino took the prestigious and traditional Grand Prix home to Sweden for a second year in a row. Falsterbo Horse Show 2014 couldn’t have had a better finale!

    Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-2038Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-2052Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-2125Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-2191

  • Longines Falsterbo Grand Prix

  • Postat söndag 13 juli 2014 Kl. 16:18
  • Longines Falsterbo Grand Prix – here we go! So excited!!!

    Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-1499Falsterbo Hoppning - Canon 630p-2259 Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-1595 Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-1615 Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-1622Falsterbo Hoppning - Canon 630p-2525 Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-1721Falsterbo Hoppning - Canon 630p-2775Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-1786 Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-1737Falsterbo Hoppning - Nikon 630p-1998Falsterbo Hoppning - Canon 630p-2873Falsterbo Hoppning - Canon 630p-2876Falsterbo Hoppning - Canon 630p-2903Falsterbo Hoppning - Canon 630p-2906

    Congratulations to Patrik Kittel and Deja who took their second victory in Falsterbo! On second place came Danish Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein with Digby. Third place went to Patrick van der Meer, Netherlands with his gelding Zippo.

    Falsterbo Dressyr-1366Falsterbo Dressyr-1371 Falsterbo Dressyr-1415 Falsterbo Dressyr-1418 Falsterbo Dressyr-1426 Falsterbo Dressyr-1427

  • WDM Exquis Grand Prix Kür

  • Postat söndag 13 juli 2014 Kl. 13:29
  • Watching the World Dressage Masters Grand Prix CDI5* Kür at Falsterbo Horse Show!

    Falsterbo Dressyr-0965 Falsterbo Dressyr-0966 Falsterbo Dressyr-0982 Falsterbo Dressyr-0989 Falsterbo Dressyr-0996 Falsterbo Dressyr-1023 Falsterbo Dressyr-1058 Falsterbo Dressyr-1062 Falsterbo Dressyr-1100 Falsterbo Dressyr-1110 Falsterbo Dressyr-1115 Falsterbo Dressyr-1122 Falsterbo Dressyr-1124 Falsterbo Dressyr-1143 Falsterbo Dressyr-1144 Falsterbo Dressyr-1146 Falsterbo Dressyr-1156 Falsterbo Dressyr-1164 Falsterbo Dressyr-1177 Falsterbo Dressyr-1179 Falsterbo Dressyr-1180 Falsterbo Dressyr-1187 Falsterbo Dressyr-1188 Falsterbo Dressyr-1191 Falsterbo Dressyr-1198 Falsterbo Dressyr-1220 Falsterbo Dressyr-1225 Falsterbo Dressyr-1251 Falsterbo Dressyr-1258

  • Hermès

  • Postat lördag 21 juni 2014 Kl. 13:13
  • Looking at some new horse tack at Hermès!

    Monaco-0687 Monaco-0683 Monaco-0689 Monaco-0682 Monaco-0691 Antibes-630p-0394

  • Longines Global Champions Tour

  • Postat söndag 15 juni 2014 Kl. 0:38
  • In the cab on my way home from Cannes. Got this hoodie with me home from the Logines Global Tour!

    _MG_0602 _MG_0631

    This evening’s Longines Global Champions Tour of Cannes Grand Prix was won by 2013 LGCT Champion Scott Brash (GBR) following a heart-stopping jump-off as the electric French Riviera leg came to a close in a storm of world-class sport. Silver medal position went to a thrilled Luciana Diniz (POR) and Bronze to home favourite Kevin Staut (FRA). The heavy rain of the afternoon was forgotten as the three medal winners rose to their podium positions. A vocal French crowd cheered each rider as they accepted their prizes under the colourful arena lights. The result reinforced Edwina Tops-Alexander’s (AUS) position at the top of the LGCT 2014 Ranking taking her over 50 points ahead of her nearest rival.

    Longines Prizesceremony-9342 Longines Prizesceremony-9335 Longines Prizesceremony-9429

    The cream of the crop rose to the top in Cannes this evening as only those foot-perfect with every step progressed to the 3rd round deciding jump-off. The first round of Uliano Vezzani’s Grand Prix course contained tough distances and awkward lines. Many riders had the first fence down and the remains of the heavy rain earlier in the afternoon made the conditions testing. A few of the top names opted to save their star mounts for another day, retiring after lowering a rail or two.

    The second round saw 18 of the top riders from the first round come back for another test. This course required care and precision, and a run of double clears in the middle of the draw belied the difficult nature of the gauntlet laid down by the Italian course designer. More than once, the tall set of planks on a related distance early in the course caught out even the most experienced horse and rider combinations. But each and every one of the nine riders that went through to the final jump-off looked to be on winning form.

    The jump-off offered a sweeping, galloping course with one tight turn-back, primed for an attacking ride. Edwina Tops-Alexander was the pathfinder, jumping clear in 36.57s. Bassem Hassan Mohammed, on the form of his life, shaved 0.07s off Tops-Alexander’s time from 2nd in the draw. The top names not competing in the final round gathered by the arena entrance to watch the tense action unfold.

    Kevin Staut entered the arena third and wiped nearly three seconds from the leading time. But the fastest time was bettered one again by World No1 Scott Brash, who dared his horse at every turn, to take the lead in a time of 31.99s and setting a pace that could not be caught. Luciana Diniz added another great result to her tally moving into 2nd place with 32.68s.

    The next round of the 2014 season is just around the corner and the Longines Global Champions Tour of Monaco (26-28 June) will be another fantastic exhibition of sporting excellence. Edwina Tops-Alexander has well and truly asserted her dominance over the leaderboard – will anyone catch up with her in Round Six on the Longines Global Champions Tour 2014 series?

    Longines GrandPrix-8908Longines GrandPrix-9233
    Longines GrandPrix-9272Longines GrandPrix-8972Longines GrandPrix-9237Longines GrandPrix-9257Longines GrandPrix-9215

    Longines GrandPrix-9201

    The sky has once again turned blue as we look to the next round. With 2013 winner Marcus Ehning out of the running with 4 faults in the first round, we will certainly crown a new victor this year in the Cannes Grand Prix. Could Edwina Tops-Alexander, Scott Brash or Rolf-Goran Bengtsson go higher on the podium here and claim their first Gold of the season?

    Longines Track-8718Longines Track-8755Longines Track-8722Longines Track-8721Longines Track-8732Longines Track-8738Longines Track-8773Longines Track-8765Longines Track-8778

    Longines Track-8764Longines Track-8816
    Longines Track-8809

    The penultimate class of the Longines Global Champions Tour of Cannes was won by Gregory Wathelet (BEL) and Riesling du Monselet, who put in a truly brave performance as the rain began to fall on the French Riviera. Second place went to Maikel van der Vleuten (NED) and VSL Grep Eureka and third to Doda de Miranda (BRA) and AD Amigo B, who also earned a fast second place finish in last week’s 1.50 Accumulator competition in Saint Tropez.

    Longines Qualification-7871

    Longines Qualification-7874
    Longines Qualification-7896
    Longines Qualification-7864
    Longines Qualification-8235 Longines Qualification-8244 Longines Qualification-8256 Longines Qualification-8265Longines Qualification-8517Longines Qualification-8305
    Longines Qualification-8456Longines Qualification-8587 1Longines Qualification-8696Longines Qualification-8338Longines Qualification-8524

    Longines Qualification-8557

    Longines Qualification-8566